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Dutchess County Jury

 Jurors should only report for Jury Duty when instructed to do so    
All Jurors summoned for the Petit Term of October 24, 2016 should be available for
jury selections each day that week thru and including Friday, October 28, 2016
Please do not wait until your Jury ID No. is instructed to report to address any concerns. 

Please read this message carefully. 

If this message is not updated, please call 845 431-1790


 In the event of inclement weather, this message will be updated at 8:00 a.m. with any cancellations or delays.





Part I:  Jurors under Court jurisdiction must report as directed in the courtroom.   

Part II:  Jurors  with ID Nos. 4001 thru 4200 must report to the Central Jury Room 228 Main Street, Poughkeepsie at 9:15 AM.   Please bring your summons and a pen when reporting. 

Part III:  Juror ID Nos. 4201 thru 4425 must report to the Central Jury Room, 228 Main Street, Poughkeepsie at 12:30 PM.  Please bring your summons and a pen when reporting.

  *** Jurors reporting at 12:30 PM should have their lunch before reporting for jury service.***

Part IV:  Juror ID Nos. 4426 thru 4650 must check this message Monday evening for reporting instructions for Tuesday. 



Our system could not work without citizens like you.
 The Commissioner of Jurors Office is open
 Monday thru Friday 
9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
228 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY  12601
Thank you

***Bring a pen when reporting****

 See below for parking information

The Commissioner of Jurors thanks all jurors
for your time, cooperation and contribution to our system of justice.
(Trial jurors only)  
Commissioner of Jurors
Loretta J. Adams
Commissioner of Jurors Office 
Central Jury Room
 Court Locations
Commissioner of Jurors
228 Main St.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Dutchess County Courthouse
10 Market St.
Poughkeepise, NY 12601
Town/Village Jurors check your summons for reporting address. 


General Information​ ​
Absence or Emergency ​   ​If illness or emergency prevents you from reporting, please call our office at 845-431-1780 after 9:00 a.m. on the day you are to report.
Accessibility If you have a disability and need accommodation, call 845-431-1780 or 1-800-662-1220 for relay call.
Court Hours   The Dutchess County Courts are open from 9:00 am thru 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday, except State holidays.
Electronics​  ​Cell phones and other electronic devices may be used in the jury assembly rooms and other waiting areas.  They must be turned off during jury selection and trial. Wireless internet access is available in the Central Jury Room.  This access is public (non-secure), and you must have appropriate security protection.    
Meals ​​There is a mid-day lunch break every day.  There are numerous eateries in the vicinity, or you may bring your lunch to the Central Jury Room.  Food and drink are not allowed in courtrooms.
Parking/Transportation​  The court does not pay for transportation fares, parking fees or parking violations.  The following City of Poughkeepsie lots are available:  Financial Plaza Deck (across from Civic Center); Duro Lot (Main St. & Columbus Dr.); Liberty Street Lot (Liberty St.) and Academy Street (Academy and Cannon Streets).  Parking may also be available in the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.  Please put enough time on the meter to enable you to stay until at least 12:45 p.m. Jury Selection and Jury Duty may continue through the afternoon, but you will have a lunch break at 12:30 p.m., during which you will be able to move your car or add more time to your meter if necessary.  For further information regarding parking in the City of Poughkeepsie, please contact the Parking Department between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at 451-4120. 
Directions The Commissioner of Jurors Office is located at 228 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, 12601.  Please use
Security  ​Court Officers are stationed throughout the court.  Members of the public must pass through a magnetometer to enter.