You can attend a Skype for Business meeting on a computer, laptop, smartphone or other mobile device. 

  • You must have internet access.
  • You must have audio and video capabilities, such as a headphone and webcam or built in camera.
  • You can schedule a test to be sure you can connect before the court date by emailing

Installing Skype for Business

  1. Go to the App Store and search for Skype for Business.
  2. Download the application.
    1. In the App Store, click on either the iCloud icon (will display if you have downloaded before) or the Get button.
    2. Do not click on the Open button after the app finishes downloading.

Joining the Skype for Business Meeting

  1. From the Skype for Business Meeting Invitation click Join Skype Meeting.

  2. You will be asked how you would like to join the meeting.  Click on "Already Installed?  Click here to join with Skype Meetings App (web).

  3. Click Allow or OK for the remaining prompts until you reach the Welcome to Skype for Business screen.
  4. Click Join as Guest.
  5. Enter your name and role (for example:  John Q. Public, plaintiff) and click Continue.
  6. Click OK when "Business" Would like Access to the Microphone is displayed.
  7. Click the Video button to turn on the camera.
  8. Click OK when "Business" Would like Access to the Camera is displayed.

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