To alleviate courthouse congestion, the Unified Court System will send you a text message when your case is ready to be heard and it is time to come into the courthouse. To receive this text message the court will direct you to either provide your phone number at check-in or to register your phone number by following the instructions below.

There are two ways to use the form posted or given to you by the court to get to the registration website so that you can register your phone number for the day.
  1. Using your mobile device's camera on the registration notice form.
  2. Using the URL address printed on the registration notice form.
The Registration Notice looks like this.

To get to the registration website using your camera:
  1. Open the built-in Camera App and make sure the rear-facing camera is selected.
  2. Hold your mobile device so that the QR Code appears in the viewfinder in the Camera App. The QR Code is a square black and white symbol displayed above the scanning instructions on the notification.
  3. When your mobile device recognizes the QR Code, you will see a message that tells you to open your web browser.
  4. Tap or Click on the message to open your web browser to the correct website.
To open the registration website using the URL address.
  1. The URL address is printed at the end of the registration notice.
  2. Type it into your browser as written on the registration notice.

The registration website will look like this, with the name of the court at the top.
For example: Amity Town Court

Enter the information requested on the screen.
  1. Your First Name
  2. Your Last Name
  3. Your Year of Birth
  4. The Judge's Last Name (if you know)
  5. Your Cell Phone Number with the area code (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
Tap or Click Submit.

You will receive a message if your registration was successful which says:

When your case is ready, you will receive a text message with instructions from the court. Please do not reply to this phone number. It is not monitored for responses.