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We have been advised of the following judicial vacancies in your county in the upcoming General Election: ​

Supreme Court - 8th Judicial District:  Vote for 2
Erie County Court:  Vote for 1
Erie Surrogate's Court:  Vote for 1
Lackawanna City Court:   Vote for 1
Buffalo City Court:  Vote for 2

We have been advised of the following candidates in your county

Click a candidate's name below to view any additional information the candidate has chosen to provide.

A (Yes) in the 'Bio Submitted' column indicates that a candidate has chosen to submit their bio for the voter guide.​​​

NOLynn Wessel KeaneSupreme CourtEighth Judicial District
NOErin M. PeradottoSupreme CourtEighth Judicial District
NOSusan M. EaganCounty CourtErie County
NOAcea M. MoseySurrogate's CourtErie County
NOAndrew C. LoTempioCity CourtErie County : Buffalo City Court
NOBetty Calvo-TorresCity CourtErie County : Buffalo City Court
NOKenneth A. SzyszkowskiCity CourtErie County : Lackawanna City Court

You may sort alphabetically by any column.

Please note: Applicable voting rules will determine which registered voters in your county may be eligible to vote for candidates to courts of limited jurisdiction (e.g., City Courts, District Courts, or New York City Civil Courts).

Candidates are solely responsible for the content and accuracy of their information.